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Starts May 17th
Training for both Boys & Girls  
Director of Coaching - Coach Jason  @ 512-740-6882 

Frank Beverly Park
7112 Quarry Chase Trail
Plano, TX 75025

Tuesday & Thursday
5:30pm - 7:30pm

"It Is easy to conquer the Game When 
You Have The TOP 6 Key Skills"
~ Director of Coaching Jason Foster ~
Game Intelligence
How often have you heard people saying words like “great vision”, “tactical awareness”, “footballing brain”, “composure on the ball”. These expressions constitute game intelligence and is probably one of the most difficult things to coach because football is random. 
At a younger age this element is far more difficult to judge because a soccer player’s body will develop at different stages which could be behind or ahead of others. 
1. ABC’s – Agility, Balance & Coordination are vital
2. Power & Strength
3. Speed
4. Stamina 
Mindset is a very broad area with many contributing factors so again this is broken down into smaller segments. It is a key ingredient in a footballers make up and often determines which level you play at because the higher up the football ladder you progress, the more important the mindset becomes.
There is no better way to develop elite-level players than by training with our professional coaches
Committed to changing the landscape of US soccer by developing, training and producing technically proficient and tactically sound players. 
Soccer technique can be split into 3 main areas which must be mastered to be a top player.
1.  Ball mastery & control 
2.  Dribbling & running with the ball
3. Body movement & shapes
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FC KAOS Youth Soccer Club goal is to offer players the opportunity to train and develop under the guidance of licensed, experienced and passionate coaches. 

The journey to becoming a top soccer player will take many years so it is important to recognize that the 6 soccer player attributes will develop at different stages of a players adolescence into adult life but there is no doubt that all will be needed to be a top level soccer player. 
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